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Metagenomic Study of Ground Oil – Chaminade University Data Science Initiative

Metagenomic Study of Ground Oil

Oil spills and other forms of petroleum contamination are a contemporary problem which require attention and swift action in order to mitigate serious environmental damage. There are several ways for the contaminates to be removed or neutralized, i.e, physical removal, chemical treatment, natural sequestration and/or metabolization.

The metagenomic data being used in this module is from a project that studied the microbial communities of deep-ground oil and compared it to injection well water at an oil production site in the Qinghai Oilfield, China. The study looked at the community structure at different: depths, temperatures, and phases(oil vs water); as well as genes associated with: hydrocarbon degradative pathways, carbon cycling, organic remediation, and stress response.

This module, a Metagenomic Study of Ground Oil,  use genechip data available on the NCBI portal’s Gene Expression Omnibus database.