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SURE III Survey – Chaminade University Data Science Initiative


Welcome to the SURE III survey site. This project is a collaborative effort involving faculty and students from many colleges and universities. Together we are learning more about the success of our science training opportunities in empowering student learning. To accomplish this task we have developed a post-experience research design to measure the learning gains and other outcomes of the research experience. This research survey is funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
If you have finished a research program or project and the instructor has asked you to participate in this research, please fill out the pre-course survey questions by clicking the selections below. Because we wish to keep the responses to this survey anonymous we ask you to deidentify yourself while participating. We will compare information with other program evaluations. This alignment of your research experience responses with other responses permits a measure of outcomes which is valuable to the institution for maintaining and creating effective programs. Your individual responses will not be revealed to your mentors or principal investigators. The lead analyst for the project, Dr. Mark Speck of Chaminade University, will keep your data confidential. Only aggregate data will be reported back to your institution. Your data will not be used by instructors for any purpose other than institutional evaluation.
As with any research, you are not compelled to participate. You may elect to not answer individual questions. A “not applicable” or “N.A.” option if available for the questions as an alternative if the question is irrelevant or you choose not to answer. If you change your mind about completing the survey, just leave the site. It is assumed that the submission of a completed survey is your consent for participation. If you have any questions or comments regarding the survey, please send an email to Dr. Mark Speck (mark.speck@chaminade.edu) or the IRB chair (irb@chaminade.edu). Thanks!

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This survey was developed by Prof. David Lopatto of Grinnell College (lopatto@grinnell.edu), Copyright © 2010 Grinnell College All Rights Reserved